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The Worlds Final registration date is March 8, 2022 Now another event is available... The Armadillo

Those of us organizing the 2022 Worlds truly look forward to seeing so many old friends and making new ones.

We understand the commitment that each of you are making by taking the unparalleled effort to travel to this Worlds. It has been a challenging period throughout the World. Even now we face more complications globally. But rest assured we are steadfast in our efforts to provide a fantastic experience in Texas.

We so much appreciate The Beacon Group and the City of La Porte whose support will make for a once in a lifetime experience.

Many of you are familiar with our team from Islamorada at the 2007 and 2012 events. It’s going to be even more fun in Texas.

Brewers Fox Friday has the World’s craft brew in the cooker down in Tasmania.

The World-famous Admirals Cup registration, which includes the customary Mudslide cocktail party at the Star Bar is ready to rock.

The Texas barbeque is being arranged for the smokers. Texas seafood, fresh shrimp, oysters and fish will be plentiful. Our goal is for you to go home 5 pounds heavier!

A complete social calendar will be published soon.

So the Worlds experience will start on April 2/3, 2022 with the Armadillo Cup. That NOR is posted. Folks are already drifting into Houston to set up shop. A huge Cajun Crawfish boil is planned for Saturday night.

Now the fun begins. For those of you on the fence, still considering joining us in Texas be advise, you haven’t had this much fun, with your clothes on, in a long time!.

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