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Roll up, Roll up, last few days left to catch the free accommodation at the Worlds!

January 31 is fast approaching. Jan 31 is the last day for international competitors to apply for the free housing offered by the 2022 Worlds Committee. Remember applications are only being accepted from those sailors who are registered and paid for the Worlds. If you would like housing for the Admirals Cup the same applies, you must be registered and paid for the Admirals Cup. Please contact Mrs. Debbie Cardenas.

We have more breaking news. Recently freight rates from Europe have dropped again. It now looks like racers who fill (8) a forty-foot container can ship boats round trip from Europe to Houston back to Europe for about EU1,000.00 each. The delivery times can be viewed on the Travel/Logistics page of the Worlds Website. This is fantastic news! But time is running out for securing that deal. You must move quickly by contacting our 2022 Worlds Logistics Manager Mr. Richard Stevens.

Here in the Southern USA we are quickly normalizing. Business is picking up. People are getting back to life and spirited sailing. It’s time to get outta town, come race your heart out and enjoy the custom brews and festivities planned for Texas.

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