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No charter boats left

The US Organizers have no more charter boats for the 2022 Worlds. To our knowledge no organiser has prepared more boats for charter. We are planing to transport these boats literally thousands of miles across a continent for the World Championship. I’d like to personally thank the “Admiral” Ben Hall for this amazing effort.

That’s the bad news.

The Very Good News is the new container rates from Europe to the US. The direct access to our nearby container port has resulted a very reasonable shipping solution. As a matter of fact, container rates are now so low that shipping your own boat (8 boats/container) to the Worlds is much cheaper than chartering a boat.

There is very little time left to secure your container from Europe using our World’s Logistic Manager. Ship your boat to Houston and have it home for June sailing.

We can arrange container unloading at the venue without your presence.

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